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Logo Design
Brand Naming
Collateral Design

Your brand name is the start of your story. Communicating the essence of your idea or business in just a word or two is part science, part art. We can help you create and validate names for your business, product or service.

A great brand logo helps identify, create competitive difference and reinforce credibility and trust towards a company. 

Our designers love working with people to develop distinctive brand identities for their companies, products and services.

Re-branding is the creation of a new look and feel for an established business in order to differentiate it from its competitors. Re-branding efforts may include a name change, new logo or packaging and updated marketing materials that includes the latest industry buzzwords. 


Great print work can make your business stand out immediately. Wether you need promotional flyers, posters or business cards, we have professional designers who can help design engaging and effective brand collateral to meet any requirement.

We worked with quality, truested designers and printing suppliers in both China and New Zealand, whom you can use for variety of outputs, anything from business cards to vehicle signature, with very competitive price.

Let's build something together.
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